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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dog meat: it's what's for dinner?

I just received an email from the Humane Society website because I've added myself to the list of people who wants to try and make a difference.

The email discussed the illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines. Apparently, it was made illegal in 1998 but still occurs because penalties are not stiff enough to prevent people from continuing the practice. Dogs are stolen from owners or grabbed from the street and piled upon each other in cages with their mouths bound shut with plastic rope. The dogs are pulled violently from the cage upon reaching the destination and basically slaughtered for the trade.

I saw a video which, luckily, did not show any of the actual killing of the animals but rather showed them being pulled from the cage and you can see the look in their eyes as they suffocate in a sweltering pile of other dogs around them. Those at the bottom of the cage usually perish from being unable to breath or from heat.


There is a pre-formed letter to the president of the Philippines to provide more funding to end this horrible practice. Hundreds of dogs have been saved already, but I'm sure hundreds and thousands more are in danger of turning up in some filthy butcher's kitchen, having been ripped away from a happy family life.

This kind of thing sickens me and saddens me at the same time. I saw a video a while back and wrote about it regarding dolphin slaughter. The video was horrifying and put me in tears and seeing these dogs literally smashed into a cage, visually frightened, is equally upsetting.

People who can commit such horrible and cruel acts toward innocent creatures deserve nothing less than the exact same treatment if they are caught in the act or found guilty of these kinds of activities. In a society that has advanced in many ways, particularly in our justice system, I feel that some punishments warrant some old-world fashion in their delivery.

I'm not an activist and I don't work for PETA, but as an animal lover and simply a decent human being with a soul, I ask anyone who reads this to follow the link above (for both causes) and start paying more attention to the cruel behavior that many people still engage in and do your part to stop it. Problems like this don't just go away, and if you can read about this and go about your business you may as well be one of the people committing these crimes against animals.

Get yourself on the email list for the Humane Society and start helping the cause! What takes you only a few minutes can save many lives of animals who may otherwise die in very inhumane and undeserving fashion.

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