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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Proposition 34: Your Tax Dollars At Work Feeding Murderers

This past Sunday started like any other day until I saw the front page of the Sacramento Bee.  The words were there but my eyes just couldn't focus on them because the disbelief in my head prevented me from seeing them correctly.  The message I read was that the Sacramento Bee had changed its position and was no longer in support of Capital Punishment and was in favor of Proposition 34, which will eliminate the Death Penalty in California and replace it with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment with no chance of parole.

It was like a fist in the gut, as I've been on a quest, a mission, to make the sentencing process for crimes across the board far more life-altering, and now the state of California wants to remove the Death Penalty altogether, claiming it will actually save taxpayers money.  As I've mentioned in previous posts regarding my vigilant stance against those who wish to commit crimes, whether heinous or not, I believe zero tolerance is the only way to create an actual deterrent against crime in general.  I find it extremely offensive that people who are capable of taking a human life will now get to live long life having their meals and activities paid for by people who respect the law and respect the lives of others.  Leave it to the bleeding hearts out there to say that because a number of people have been wrongfully convicted and executed that we should do away with the one form of punishment that fits the crime.  If there are people who have been wrongfully committed, it is the trial system, not the sentencing for crimes, that should be evaluated.

Many people claim that the Death Penalty is not a deterrent but unless we actually executed anyone on Death Row who was sentenced for murder, we wouldn't have actual data to back that up.  In November, voters have a lot to think about, mainly whether to give President Obama the chance to live up to the hype he created for himself or to let Mitt Romney inherit the mess Obama couldn't fix during his first term.  My biggest fear is that people will support Proposition 34 for the wrong reasons, buying into the idea that it will save them money because lethal injections are so expensive to administer.  What they won't tell you is that the reason for that is the process involved in administering it, so as not to cause undue pain to the convicted murderers being executed.  I fail to see how paying for 40-50 years of life in prison for those who commit murder will be cheaper than an injection if we actually would put the Death Penalty to work.  

Some claim that life in prison is no picnic, but the facts remain that prisoners have Internet access, the means to an education, exercise and three square meals a day, all paid for by the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones in senseless acts of murder, as well as others who follow the law.  Unless our convicted murderers who face life in prison without chance of parole face a much less-friendly environment to live out their years, I expect to see a serious rise in murders across the nation.  I hope I'm wrong.
I will be voting against Proposition 34, and when I mark the bubble on the ballot I'll be thinking of Lacey Peterson and her unborn son Conor, along with Sandra Cantu, Julian Cardenas and all of the people who been murdered and with their families since California wants to send the message that the person responsible gets to live a full live, having all of their needs met from our wallets.