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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Greatest NFL Quarterback Ever?

Contrary to what is being said among sports writers, is not Peyton Manning (Sorry Peyton, check back with us when the Winter Olympics open in Hell).

Super Bowl XLIV revealed yet another example of a well-celebrated and heavily-favored leader who did not hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy in victory. In fact, Manning wasn't even on the field for the ceremony or even the traditional congratulatory handshakes exchanged between players; he left the moment the clock ran out, without paying any respect to Saints organization. Drew Brees led the Saints to their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history (with a 40-yard game-winning kick by Garrett Hartley) and earned his first ring, coming back from a scoreless 1st quarter and 10-point deficit. The last instance would be just two years earlier when the undefeated Patriots blew a perfect season in their loss against Peyton's brother Eli and the New York Giants.

Meanwhile, Peyton is being groomed as the "best of all time" among analysts and others, such as Mike Florio who wrote the article in the link below. The article below is summarized with the line "With two more, it'll be a no-brainer — Manning will be regarded as the best of all time." That title is reserved for a certain 49er, as my friend Dan Dedekian has said. It was Dan who made me aware that Peyton was being praised in such ways, which is both premature and ignorant, and I just could not resist blowing the whistle on this myth.

The article, written before Super Bowl XLIV, relies heavily on stats like total passing yards. It mentions how Manning is on John Elway's heels for total yards and presumes he will surpass him soon. Joe Montana played for 14 seasons, accumulating approximately 40,000 passing yards. Peyton Manning has played for 12 seasons and accumulated approximately 50,000 passing yards so far. All that proves is that the guy likes to throw a lot of passes, but when comparing his yardage to Montana, it's clear to see that Montana's throws resulted in much more than just statistics.

Joe Montana made 4 Super Bowl appearances and has 4 rings to show for it. In his four Super Bowls, Montana completed 83 of 122 passes for 1,142 yards and 11 touchdowns with no interceptions, and is the only player ever to win three Super Bowl MVP awards. He has lost only 5 fumbles in his entire NFL career.

Peyton Manning has 1 ring, out of only 2 visits in nearly the same number of seasons playing, having thrown an interception in both games. He has lost 17 fumbles in his career. While he may be on his way to being ranked among the best quarterbacks in NFL history, he had better get very busy achieving perfection to earn the right to have his name mentioned in the same sentence as Joe Montana, who is arguably the greatest NFL quarterback ever.

Prove me wrong, I dare you.