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Friday, September 24, 2010

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."

There are 8,760 hours in a year, with roughly 3,000 spent asleep and another 2-3,000 spent at work to take care of our obligations so we can afford to enjoy the time that's left for us, which is never enough to achieve all of the things we need to do, and certainly not for all that we'd like to do.  For me, being able to write as much as I set out for at the beginning of this year is one of the things I just haven't had time to do.

It's certainly not for lack of having things to say that I've been absent from providing new material, but lately it seems that I can't make the time to sit down and get an idea started before I'm pulled away by one thing or another.  Our year and a half long pursuit to become homeowners has just finally ended, as we receive keys today.  It wasn't until we found the right team to help us achieve our goal that things really started working for us, rather than against us.  With this hurdle soon behind us, I'm hoping I can re-commit myself to my writing.  Of course, the long process of making this house our home will likely play a part in derailing that idea, just like work and house hunting did for my resolution to write two new posts each week back in January.  Just to really make that point hit home, this is only my 12th post in the 38 weeks since I made that resolution (do the math).

I don't know how time gets away from us, but it almost feels as though we're taking it for granted if we can let it go by without making it all count for something.  Of course it all does count for something, whether we achieve promotions at work from the effort we put in, or watch our kids reach another milestone.  It just feels that no matter how much we do in a day, there is always something left to do but the domino effect is surprisingly motivating rather than discouraging.  If we were able to achieve everything we wanted to get done in a day, what next?

I can do my job blindfolded and in my sleep, yet every day brings a challenge and has me rushing and hustling to complete more work that I should be able to in a day.  On some days I feel very productive and on the other days, I wish I had used my time more wisely or used it to do something important.  Regardless of what is accomplished at work or at home, there is just not enough time for it all.  Anyone else have that problem?