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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Recently I found a video online that showed fishermen in Japan slaughtering Dolphins, in huge numbers. This is no joke, it's absolutely real and horrifying! These dolphins are sliced open with a machete and left to die because dolphin meat is a high priced item over there.

If you don't belive me, CLICK HERE but I'm warning you, this video is extremely graphic and very disturbing to watch. DO NOT let kids see this!

I wrote a letter to the Wyland Foundation to see if I could get their help and involvment and I was pleased to see that actions are already in place to end this. They sent me a few links to check out and one of them is an online petition.

PLEASE read and signed the petition:
End Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

I'm asking all of my readers, PLEASE, sign the petition and pass this on to EVERYONE you know. This video literally put me in tears and I don't care who you are, it's hard to watch. Anyone who has a heart needs to get involved in this, it's simply intolerable. I may be a shark lover at heart, but I love all creatures in the ocean and they deserve better!

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