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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Raise Your Glass for Number 1 (1/1/11)

Another year has gone by, a year full of accomplishments, progress and promise for the years to come.  I'm not a fan of paying much attention to the past, but I have to use last year's resolution to write "no less than one new post per week" as an example of why I hate resolutions so I won't be announcing any for 2011.

Just so you don't think I'm starting the new year completely void of optimism, I will say that our accomplishment of becoming homeowners after our year and a half battle (see previous post), has left me feeling that luck is finally on our side.  Although our son still calls our home "the new house" we've settled in quite well.  Progress slowed down a bit after moving in, but the work that is left can be done over time and with the housing market as it is we will be here for a while.

If there is one promise, NOT a resolution, I can make for 2011 is that I will be taking the 1st place trophy home from the annual Sawyer Rib-Off.  I have mastered the smoker, and I will have plenty of opportunities to practice before Memorial Day on the new one I got for Christmas.  I won't make any promises to write more, but I will make a conscious effort to take opportunities to throw up more posts than I did last year (11 posts in 365 days is just pathetic!) and much more consistently.  After all, we should be doing what makes us happy and passing up the chance to write on my blog as I work through lunch to pick up slack for someone's bad planning certainly does not qualify.

Best of luck all of you who still make resolutions and I wish you all a Happy New Year.  Please leave comments when you stop by, and ideas for new posts!

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