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Monday, January 11, 2010

Beyond The Swinging Doors

I've often wondered what kind of mischief ensues beyond the swinging doors that lead to restaurant kitchens. Watching movies like "Waiting" has always made me wish I knew the "rules" that you must follow to avoid having your dinner vandalized. After seeing an article on Yahoo titled "Secrets your waiter won't tell you", I found a refreshing blog, written by a veteran server, that provides interesting and amusing stories and plenty of inside secrets.

"Server Not Slave" is the title of the blog and I've added it to my sidebar as one of my faves to visit, and hope everyone checks it out and spreads the word. It's written from the perspective of a server who has seen it all...the rude diners, the odd requests, last-second changes that cause chaos in the kitchen, etc.. What is so surprising to me is that it doesn't come off as an angry server trash-talking customers that have pissed him off, but rather an inside look at what servers appreciate and are dealing with and what you can expect under many different scenarios.

The idea of this blog could seem like a "how to behave in a restaurant" guide but it's more like a lesson in avoiding situations that can lead to bad service. Honestly, who wouldn't want to go out to eat, with the tips and tricks that will get you the best service possible? You can bet that your server will appreciate the obvious effort you're making and will take care of you that much more.

**If you have any horror stories or experiences from dining out, please share them in comments.**

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pmadams said...

Great post, Jason. My husband and I don't eat out. We watch the health scores on the local news and it is enough to make us eat at home. A score of 70 is considered unsanitary and there is every week restaurants consistently scoring 50 and below. The worst part is that the inspectors allow these businesses to continue serving food.