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Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Wii Bit Of Fun

When I was 12 years old, my mom got me the original Nintendo game system and I still have it to this day. After being packed away I brought it back out recently and acquired all of my favorite games on Ebay, but once again it sits dormant. Along with the original Nintendo, I had a Sega Genesis which I loved a million times more but sold it during a moment of stupidity several years ago. When my wife Kacy and I got our first place together, we thought it would be fun to get a Playstation 2 so we did. We got a few games and played it once in a while but now only I use it to play Madden football games. A few months ago, the Genesis bug bit me again and bought one from a family that was selling theirs. Unfortunately it was so used I couldn't get it to work and returned it.

Fast forward to the past weekend when Kacy gets home from being out of town and I open the trunk of our car to find a Wii system with the Wii Active set, a generous gift from her aunt Kellie. Upon seeing the Wii Active box I told her "have fun with that", as I had no interest in it, not knowing that we got the system with the Wii Sports game which includes bowling, tennis, boxing, baseball, and golf. I got the Wii hooked up, and we were bowling in minutes, at which time I joked about calling in sick to work the next day. Last night, I played at least 6 games of bowling, one after the other; I just couldn't stop playing!

Years ago, I remember seeing simulations of virtual reality systems where you'd stand in a spot and move your arms and you'd be boxing in a game. The Wii is essentially a virtual reality system, in which you actually hold the game controller as you would a baseball bat, or golf club and go through the motions you would if you were actually playing the game. In bowling, you take the steps in the approach and swing your arm just as you would if you were at the alley. I remember my dad saying how amazed he was at the progress made in video games back when I had my Sega Genesis, comparing it to my Nintendo and my old Atari system. Even back when the Genesis was new, the difference was amazing and the colors were sharp and vivid and gameplay was impressive.

The Wii has completely changed video games and included a whole new demographic. Video game systems aren't just for kids anymore, adults can go bowling without leaving the house and people who wish to get in shape but can't afford pricey memberships can do so in their living room in privacy while having fun. I had to eat my words on this one for sure, and already have a long list of games I want to get for the Wii and can't wait for when Gavin is old enough to enjoy it with us.

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Anonymous said...

Just got a Wii too Mr. Montauk. We love the Wii in all the time! We have had ours for about two weeks now. I'll kick your butt at bowling. wife will; I just like to talk crap. See you at the bday party.