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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stand By Your Man

Rush Limbaugh has recently voiced his disapproval of President Obama's policies loud and clear, going as far as saying that he wants our new president to fail. Personally, I have always found Mr. Limbaugh to be an annoying blob who spews nonsense in a desperate attempt to feel relevant. This latest attack on Obama, in my opinion, shows just how un-American he can be as he preaches to the invertebrates of America. Rush's rants have rarely gone unchallenged, as he's been verbally destroyed by Keith Olbermann as seen HERE, and probably many others.

Everyone who voted Bush into office, as well as those who voted to keep him around for a second term, were proven wrong; myself included. Of course, voting for Bush was hardly a vote for prosperity or hope; more like choosing least terrible candidate.

Barack Obama has been our 44th president for 66 days, and has been made to justify his actions as if he's the one responsible for the stumbling economy he willingly accepted as his challenge, along with many other difficult tasks he'll face. He literally carries the weight of the world on his shoulders and unless all Americans get behind him and allow him to do what he was voted into office to do, our economy and our future are at risk. Many claim that he's not upholding promises he made during his campaign, at least not to exact specifications. I find his answers and his actions completely appropriate considering the fact that he has to completely reverse 8 years worth of damage.

The barrage of questions he received at his last televised press conferences were primarily focused on the economy and his budget proposal. He responded to the negative reception of his plan by saying that that he's being criticized for his plan, yet no one came up with a better budget. In the film The 40 Year Old Virgin, Jay says to Andy "What has felt right for you doesn't work! You need to try some wrong, dawg." I think there is a direct similarity to the state of the world right now as we watch Obama take steps to bring the world back around to a Clinton-Era economy, which was very strong. People fear change but obviously what went on in the White House throughout the Bush administration did not work.

As I said before, just after Obama won the election, the best we can do to show our support as Americans is to give him a chance to turn things around. As for the Rush Limbaughs of the world, your rants are not only un-American but they're unwelcome and you should only spew your ignorance if you're willing to concede after you've removed your foot from your mouth.

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