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Monday, January 12, 2009

Forgive The Silence.....


While the holidays are typically enjoyed as a time to relax and recharge the batteries for the next year, mine were filled with a mix of family tragedy and family drama which left me far too busy to sit down and provide you with any new material. I apologize for the "dead air" and I'm prepared to post far more often this year to make up for it.

Every year, resolutions are made and broken; usually in the same month. I've decided that my resolution will be to not need a resolution in order to achieve the goals I seek for myself and my family this year. First and foremost, buying our first home is heavy on our minds and, beyond that, finally achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it.

A personal goal of mine is to finally perch atop a stool behind a drum kit and see whether I've got what it takes or if I'll forever suffer the fate of playing air drums in my car knowing I couldn't hack it. I want to use this year to regain some of myself that's been lost over the years, for no reason other than me letting it slip away and turning my focus on my family. Perhaps some of who I used to be should stay in the past, but one key trait has stayed with me is my love of music and if I don't fully pursue my dream, I am not staying true to myself. A birthday gift from my sister was drum lessons from a local studio, at least enough to get me started. I've yet to get started and cash in on my gift and I feel like now is as good of a time as any. In my ultimate dream, I would become a studio musician working with local groups and then release my own solo CD. Fortune and fame are not what I seek, but rather the thrill of playing for any kind of crowd. OK, so a little fortune would be nice......

For now, I'll just enjoy watching our boy Gavin run around our place like a madman and see his personality change every day as it has, steadily. Whether there is a future in music for me or not, the present is quite enjoyable. For all of you, I hope this near year fulfills dreams and brings more happiness for everyone out there.

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