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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Changing Of The Guards

My eyes are filled with prideful tears as our new president is sworn in and now addresses the country for the first time as our leader. With each new inauguration, I am filled with a sense of hope and optimism, acknowledging of the history of the nation and how far we've come, but never as much as today. The significance of today's ceremony is monumental, not only for the change that we need and voted for, but for the historical value in welcoming the first African American in the highest office.

I hope all who are not ready to embrace our new president will open their minds and accept that we made the right decision when prosperity returns to America. While I cannot guarantee that President Obama will be the one to lead us in the right direction, I haven't felt that we had anyone in office who could achieve that task in a very long time.

Forgive me for possibly adding more value to this moment than it holds, but I feel that the gesture made in putting Barack Obama into office is a huge step forward in the battle against racism which to this day remains my most hated movement or way of living.

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