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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Join The Cause

My mom was taken away shortly before her 57th birthday last year. She never got to meet my son, wasn't able to form a relationship with my wife, or meet her parents. Instead, she had to live hundreds of miles away in Oregon for the last few years of her life, living under a blanket of confusion because she was too young for most health coverage plans in California that provide care for Alzheimer's patients. The care I speak of is not treatment because to date there is still no treatment for the disease. The care I speak of is simply making her as comfortable as possible and keeping her from wandering off and getting lost, or trying to prevent the crippling seizures that most patients have to endure.

That is not an advertisement, that is the truth coming from me. I'm not writing this to gain sympathy or condolences from anyone, I'm doing it because I have a responsibility to do all I can to prevent this from happening to my friends and family and their friends and families. Please take a minute to visit the Alzheimer's Association website and learn how you can help send a message to our new president to focus more funding to research so we can find a way to prevent this from tearing families apart.

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