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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Be Heard......Vote!!

There is no better way to let yourself be heard than to vote, and this year I feel that it is more important than ever. Our country has approached a fork in the road that leads to our future, and each direction represents a significantly different outcome based on the leader we choose today. Furthermore, I feel that it is important that we see people voting in record numbers this year so our next president knows that he was put into office because it was clearly what the consensus wanted. Four years ago, Bush's re-election victory over John Kerry prompted him to announce that he would let the results dictate the direction of the country for the next 4 years. At the time, I'm guessing he was just glad he was able to stay in office and didn't realize that he was simply the best choice we had among two poor candidates; the lesser of two evils as many say. I'm hoping that the results from this year's election show that there is a clear direction that the majority of voters want for this country and our next leader takes notice.

Unfortunately, I know that many will not vote at all or will vote against Barack Obama because he is an African American. That saddens and infuriates me simultaneously because America is supposed to be about opportunity and prosperity and none of that rings true when people are still living in the past. Anyone who knows me well can confirm that I hate racism and all who live as racists. I believe that if you hate someone based on nothing more than the color of their skin, or judge them by the actions of others, I have the right to hate you for nothing more than your ridiculous way of thinking. I also know that many will say that they're voting for Obama but will secretly vote for McCain because they don't want to admit their bigotry.

One vote which is highly sought after by candidates is the college vote which I've heard recently is difficult to obtain, as many college students do not vote because of how difficult it is when they're attending schools away from home. I find that a bit disturbing, being that a college student faces many obstacles throughout their academic years and considering the importance of having everyone vote who is able to. I don't believe that laziness is an acceptable excuse for removing yourself from a decision that affects everyone, especially if you plan to have an opinion about the results.

Few things in life bother me more than people who complain about a situation without taking action to stop it. On that note, I say that anyone who has a problem with the state of our country yet does not vote today loses all rights to comment about what happens next.

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