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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Mama Drama: The Future of the USA?

Upon reading a blog from my friend Pamm, author of "Adventures in Fairbanks, Alaska", I feel it necessary to address my state of mind regarding the presidential race which will decide the fate of our nation indefinitely.

While I have nothing against Sarah Palin personally, aside from the fact that she's introduced baby mama drama to politics, I do feel that McCain's choosing of Palin as his running mate was a publicity stunt. On the other side, I've heard Obama's running mate Joe Biden referred to as a "safe pick" by more than one person. I have to disagree because I know for fact that there were very strategic reasons that led to Obama's choice to pick Biden, primarily his experience with foreign policy.

Among the many points of inexperience which plagues both candidates, one main concern is the lack of experience that Sarah Palin has with Economics, being that Alaska's budget has not recently, if ever, been in need of repair. The residents of Alaska receive large amounts of money every year, a direct reflection of the strength of the state's economy. If you completely ignore the her shortcomings in terms of what she can accomplish in office, how about the huge dose of irony and hypocracy involved in Palin's stance on abstinence while she has a pregnant teenage daughter at home? If Sarah's message isn't being heard by her own family, how will she get her point across to an entire nation?

I will admit, in all humility and honesty, that I have been in favor of Obama since day one but that does not mean I represent a biased vote. I'm all about progression, so this election is the ultimate springboard for that ideal being that Obama will be the first African American to take office, unless McCain wins and Palin will become the first female to take office in the event of McCain's passing during his term which is a near certainty.

What I expect from this change of leaders is a different approach to politics all around from whomever takes office. I want to see a government that actually serves its people and listens to their demands, without allowing kickbacks and corrupt funding to be the steering wheel for the direction our country will take. Being that McCain has supported nearly every decision made by President Bush, I can't imagine we'll see anything different than we have for the last 8 years. I see everyone bashing President Bush left and right, when nearly everyone voted for him (maybe not against Gore, but certainly against Kerry). Bush was the lesser of two evils for both terms, but I don't believe the other candidates could have done any better given the circumstances. The only thing that I fault our president for is focusing far too much on a foreign country than the one he was elected to serve, and our economy has suffered greatly as a result of the hundreds of billions of dollars that we've sent overseas.

I do hope that McCain and Obama respect the troops overseas and the families of those who were lost in this war against terrorism by allowing them to continue the fight. Perhaps we can find a way to put more balance between the focus on the war in Iraq and the battle to revive the most powerful nation in the world.

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