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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Saints of Los Angeles

This year marks the official return of Motley Crue, despite the fact that they reunited back in 2004 to record new tracks for their compilation "Red White and Crue". A promoter in England got things started in 2004 for the gang to come together after a five-year hiatus and they toured in support of the hits collection for most of 2005 and then again, co-headlining with Aerosmith in 2006, on the "Route Of All Evil" tour.

Following the wrap of their last tour, the guys hit the studio to record their first studio album involving the original lineup since 1997's "Generation Swine". I don't really consider that a true Crue album being that the majority was written during the lackluster period featuring John Corabi on vocals while Vince worked on his solo career. The only thing good that came of that period was a track called "Hooligan's Holiday" which is a great track and hopefully Vince will do it justice on their tour.

"Saints Of Los Angeles" is due to be released June 24th of this year, after being pushed back so the guys could add a track to the album after being inspired by the bands they're hauling on tour for "CrueFest" this summer. The title track is their first single off the album and if you ask me, it's the tightest they've ever sounded. This is a true return to their signature glam-rock sound, taking us back to the Dr. Feelgood era before things fell apart.

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