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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cell Phone Madness

After two unimpressive and frustrating years of T-Mobile cell phone service, we have changed to Verizon and got shiny new phones to enjoy on our new plan. I could say that the process of changing over and choosing phones was painless and simple, but that would be a huge lie.

Since we signed up at Costco last time, we tried to give them some repeat business and Kacy's mom had already talked to the rep there. Aside from the poor selection of phones, the rep turned out to be the loser boyfriend to a friend of ours who has wandering eyes and unfaithful intentions and we couldn't support that so we moved on.

That took us to a local shop which is a dealer for all services. We liked the phones they had but took a while trying to decide on which phones we'd be taking. Kacy is known for her texting to cousin Kayla and her friend Amy and all I really care about is a good working phone with rockin' ringtones. We all had a few specific things we needed out of the phones and after choosing a few different options we had them picked out. The rep there needed to get an answer for us regarding activation fees. The fees were being waived at other locations so we knew that it could be done there if they wanted our business. We left to go visit some family and I called the shop back and basically explained to her that we liked the phones and would be coming back to sign up if she got back to me that day.

We decided to go check out an actual Verizon store (well, a booth in Circuit City) just to check out all options while we waited for the response from the other place. The call never came, but we didn't need it anyhow. Kacy hung out in the car with Gavin while her mom and I went over all of our options and which phones would be best. I called her and just as she and I started talking I heard the girl helping us lean over to Kacy's mom and say "those are the biggest calves I've ever seen". I started laughing and so did Kacy's mom and Kacy was confused while she heard this going on and wasn't sure what we were talking about. It's not an uncommon conversation in my world and if you know me, you know why. It was a pretty funny moment in the midst of all of the chaos involved in signing up for a new cell phone service and choosing the right phone.

There are just too many options that come on phones these days and most people don't know what the options do or why they need them. Kacy got the ENV2 which has the normal phone panel but flips open to a full keyboard to make her texting easier. I got a brand new model Motorola phone which looks similar to a RAZR when opened, but works much better. I can store music on it and use it as a player, even though I probably won't. It has a camera, as pretty much every new phone does now. Before we had Gavin there was no need for a camera on our phone, but it is handy now and then to get a cute shot for the screen.

The whole experience reminded me of why so many people avoid all of this technology, which is unfortunate. These things make life easier but the trouble we have to go through to make the right choice is not worth it to most people, especially for fear of being taken advantage of. That's why there are us geeks around with our tech savvy to help you get through it all unscathed.

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