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Monday, April 21, 2008

Heaven and Hell: The Personal Experience

This morning, while watching one of my son's Sesame Street videos for the 100th time, I told my wife that my version of hell would be a wall of headphones with nothing but the song that was playing on TV at that moment. She joked and said that her version of hell would be a neverending pile of laundry to fold. I started thinking of the opposite as well and thought I'd share my version of what heaven and hell would be for me and I'd love to hear from any of you reading this to share yours as well.

Now for all of you out there who don't believe in Hell or know that you'd never end up there, I'm basically talking about what the worst possible existence would be, and then the exact opposite which would be the very best.

For me, my Hell would be a life without music, without friends and family, and without taste. I'm a big foodie and I love to cook so a life with tasteless food would be horrible and I'm pretty sure everyone would agree with me on that. Even worse would be a life without friends and family because they're what makes life the experience it is. I suppose it is possible for someone to be happy (only to an extent) on their own, with no one to answer to. That also means no one to share anything with, no one to laugh with. On top of that, without music I would be miserable.
Music is my escape from any stress that's sneaking up on me, even if it's rock and it's loud. I consider my car a decompression chamber and the music is the medicine that gets in my brain and fixes all that may be broken in my head. The ride to and from work every day is my time to just let it all out, and believe me I do!

To take things to the other side of the spectrum, Heaven would be no different than every day I wake up right now. Aside from the week in Maui following our amazing Hawaiian-themed wedding, this is the first time in my life I've been able to say that. Every day has its challenges and moments of imperfection but each one is also another day to enjoy all that is happening. I guess the only thing that would make my Heaven complete would be a Grammy on a shelf and a career as a drummer; maybe someday I'll find a way to make that a reality. For now, Heaven sure is a nice place to be.

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Denise C. said...

To me Heaven is the ability to appreciate and enjoy the life I have and the people I have to share it with. There’s nothing like waking up every morning to the realization, that with all life’s ebbs and flows, not only are you right were you need to be, but above all else… happy to be there.