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Monday, March 17, 2008

They grow so fast..........

It's been a while since I shared any news about our son Gavin; I figured you've waited long enough. At just 5 days shy of 9 months old, Gavin is becoming quite mobile and vocal all at once, which is both joyful and stressful all at once.
After six months of living in our one-bedroom apartment, we found a nice two-bedroom duplex which allowed us to finally put his room together. Little did we know that the transition would cause many sleepless nights on the couch for Kacy. He has been teething for quite some time, with no sign of teeth yet, so our only guess is that his poor gums are making him wake up and then he can't fall back asleep on his own.
**I encourage everyone to leave comments, sharing stories of sleepless nights with your children who are/were at his age and any tricks or advice that worked to bring peace back to your house at night.**
On the positive side of Gavin's development, we have a wonderful boy who loves to laugh and is crawling and rolling over like it's an Olympic event. Kacy and I have to start the babyproofing process (as if that's possible) to keep his curious mobility from taking a painful turn like a basket of DVDs on his head. On that note, I'll be the first to admit that I gave Gavin his first "injury" when his nose met the leg of our coffee table but learned that he rebounds pretty quickly so it was no big deal.
Gavin LOVES Elmo and many of the other Sesame Street characters. He also has taken a liking to the one character that I swore would never appear on my TV...........Barney! Kacy takes Gavin for an afternoon stroll around the neighborhood on most days, and a huge smile covers his face as soon as the front door opens and the breeze hits him. When summer hits you can bet he'll be poolside, and he has two pools to choose from so I'm betting he'll take to the water in no time!
I'll have much more to share in June when Gavin has his first birthday party!!

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