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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Resolve To Burn debut album coming soon

I have friends in a local band (local to Sacramento area) called Resolve To Burn. They have been working very hard in the studio to finish their debut album titled "Process of Elimination."

A few of the songs that will be on the album are featured on the band's MySpace page music player. The songs are unmastered but in very good quality and give you an idea of the kind of sound these guys are capable of creating.

I will be at the CD release party and hope to see a large crowd there to support this group and give their CD the attention it deserves. The party will be at the Kennel Club at 5821 Auburn Blvd, between Garfield and Greenback, on January 26, 2008 at 8pm.

Please click on the banner below to visit their MySpace page and hear some of their songs. It is very important to support local music because no radio station I've seen supports their local music nearly enough. All of your favorite bands had to start somewhere; this could be one of those bands but they need help from the listeners. If you want to help, get code from their MySpace page to post banners on your page or on bulletins or on any other site you have.......and show up to the CD release party!!

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