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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who doesn't love Rachael Ray?

I was watching True Hollywood Story on E! a few days ago, this epidode being about Rachael Ray, and saw that there is an anti-Rachael Ray site, The Rachael Ray Sucks Community. It's run by a woman named Misty Lane, and upon seeing her I knew what was really going on.

Rachael Ray has become a household name, not especially known for amazing food but very good food done quickly, hence "30 minute meals". The show on E! told of her expansion from one cooking show to a talk show format, endorsed by Oprah and using her production company. While watching the show I admired Rachael's spontaneous nature and appreciation for all that she has. During the show, she says that if she had to go back to waitressing tomorrow, she'd be grateful for the run she had. I think she captures the kid in all of us when we watch, partially because of her "joker smile". I say that because her smile is so big and so beaming that it looks like it was cosmetically etched on her face. During THS, one of the producers of her talk show said that her daughter watches her 30 Minute Meals show and she loves Rachael and when asked what she loved she said "I love her right here" (pointing to her smile).

Later in the show, I see this insert about a Rachael Ray Sucks site run by this semi-goth looking woman and it's obvious that she's jealous in more than one way. My first thought, mimicked by my wife, was "just don't watch her". Of course, I guess that's easy for me to say since I actually like Rachael and don't feel the need to create a community against her. Rachael herself addressed the site saying "they're perfectly entitled to think so".

I guess the point of Rachael's overexposure could be the sexy FHM shoot including her sucking on a strawberry, or licking a chocoloate covered spoon in a bra. They dressed her up in these doll-type clothes and have her holding a pie, or pulling a turkey out of the oven in a bra and lacey skirt. As I said before, I think she's adorable but I'm not sure America is ready to visualize our kitchen sweetheart as a sexy food vixen.

Regardless of Rachael's exposure, whether it be books or television shows or DVD's, I can't see anything about a person living out her dreams that warrants a website dedicated to rallying against her. Since I'm not an unattractive goth woman who probably can't cook or thinks she can (even worse), I guess I don't understand the site creator Misty Lane. As for the people who visit her site and make their comments about Rachael, they've picked the wrong person to use as a leader and maybe someday they'll grow a spine.

About halfway down the homepage of the anti-RR page, someone mentions the price of Rachael's EVOO compared to a can of Star Olive Oil, with a difference of $5. The poster then mentions how furious it makes her to see people pay more for Rachael's olive oil. NEWSFLASH: Rachael doesn't make Olive Oil, she pays a company to put her name on it, so call that company and bitch to them about the prices. Can the people on this site be any more useless? If someone wants to buy RR olive oil, they're free to buy it; that's the beauty of America, you have freedom to do what you want to do.

Someone even made a post asking why RR hasn't been sued yet because someone sued McDonald's for obesity and RR's cooking is fatty at times. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? If you don't like what's being cooked on the screen, DON'T FUCKING MAKE IT!! Rachael Ray does not cause obesity unless she comes to your house and forcefeeds you her burgers with chunks of hot dogs in them, covered with chili and cheese. The RR sux site does nothing more than display just how useless and idiotic people can be when they find a forum to voice their ignorance. If you watch a cooking show, whether it be RR or not, and see a dish that you feel is too greasy, but still decide to make it and blame the cook on TV, you deserve to be beaten with Rachael's orange cookware and forced to drink a bottle of EVOO.

If any of you have an opinion of the Rachael Ray Sucks Community or it's owner, or on Rachael herself, please leave comments.

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Denise said...

As a total Rachel Ray fan, I have to agree with you that this Misty Lane broad is totally insecure and jealous. With all the crazy madness in the world it's comforting to flip on Rachel and take in her amazing smile. I can't help but get perked up by it. Ms. Lane needs to get-a-life and find a way to productively give back to society. What a total Biotch!