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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The suspense is terrible...I hope it'll last

External version.......that's the name of the procedure that doctors use to move a baby into correct birth position when they are not there on their own. I guess "turn the baby" is too generic a term for anyone in the medical field to use. That is what my wife had to endure early this morning in hopes that she'd have a chance for natural delivery, which was already slim. Currently, our baby is in transverse position meaning he's laying in mom's belly as if he were in a hammock (butt down).

We were told by our doctor yesterday that in rare cases the baby does not respond well to this procedure, in which the doctor shoves her hand deep into the belly and violently shoves the baby hoping to move it to the other side of the womb, and the heart rate drops which prompts an emergency C-section birth. After hearing that, my wife was convinced that with her luck she'd be making history since it's never happened to our doctor. There was no emergency birth today but since our unborn and already defiant son didn't want to cooperate, a c-section has been scheduled three weeks from now. Maybe our son thinks he's a cat, since they're known for landing on their feet and that's how he's setup to arrive.

I was already thinking that we weren't quite ready for him to be coming home yet, before we were told of the possibility of being 24 hours away from having a baby. That's when you scramble to pack mom's bag to take to the hospital and make sure the baby's area is all setup. At least now we know exactly how much time we have but the suspense and excitement was incredible. The anticipation at this point is going to be all-consuming as the days approach. When all we had to go by was the original due date, it was still a toss-up since he's our firstborn and they can be early or late. Now the date we scheduled is going to stare us in the face every day, ticking down. Recently, my wife has been wishing to get the baby out of her, that is until the moment we thought we could be mere hours away from having him. I think at this point the anticipation is going to be much greater for her than it will be for me.

I'd love to hear anyone's stories about their anxiety of the due date approaching or some kind of crazy emergency deliveries.

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