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Monday, April 16, 2007

New Rush album Snakes And Arrows (5/1/2007)

I was browsing through a few music sites earlier today and saw a link to a new song from Rush called "Far Cry", from an upcoming album called Snakes And Arrows.

I visited the Rush website,, and heard the song for myself.

Being an aspiring drummer, Neil Peart of Rush is my hero. Rush's music has never gotten tired or old sounding to me, even songs as old as "Tom Sawyer" or "Subdivisions". Each time I hear their music, it sounds fresh and new to me. The instrumentals they often include on albums showcase the musicianship of this incredible trio.

I had always heard of Rush growing up and loved "Tom Sawyer" but never paid much attention as far as collecting albums, until 1992. My dad and I took a trip to the bay area and he played the Roll The Bones album for me. It was the very next cd I bought and got played nearly every day. Every song caught my attention, especially standouts "Face Up" and "Bravado". The instrumental on that album is amazing and spacial, you feel surrounded by sounds in all directions.

The next album, Counterparts, came out right when my love for Pearl Jam had ignited and it was released on the same day as "Vs." which was the sophmore album for PJ. I had just installed some new speakers and a deck in my car and it sounded better than ever. "Stick It Out" has always been my favorite song from Counterparts and in my top 5 songs from Rush.
Once again, the instrumental "Leave That Thing Alone" grabbed hold of me and would not let go. This one really showcased Neil's drumming more than anything, which is fine by me.

After Counterparts came Test For Echo, another great album. Personally, I think those three albums are some of the finest music that Rush has put out since the "Tom Sawyer" days.

Their last studio album, Vapor Trails, is a good album but I never really got into it like I did the previous three I mentioned.

I'm curious to hear the new material and see how they've evolved, while holding on to their signature sound. Upon hearing the album, I'll update this post with some new insights.


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Tony said...

I think you're onto something here Jason, even if your fondness of those albums might be due to your musical "coming of age" at that time. Most classic rock fans haven't paid much attention to the albums of that era because they lost interest when the songs stopped sounding like those on Moving Pictures and became more polished and synth heavy. Signals, Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows--all fine albums, but I think the turnaround started with Presto and has been steadily improving all the way through Vapor Trails. I also took a while to warm up to that one, but became attracted to it after reading some of Neil Peart's books (which I highly recommmend by the way). Vapor Trails is a mainstay on my MP3 player at the gym and on runs. I rarely buy a CD retail anymore, instead I wait to get it used, but I can't wait for the new album and I hope to catch them on tour on one of the Cali stops.