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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have a few friends in the Sacramento area that are in bands and trying to get as much exposure as possible. These are all great guys and each of their bands have different sounds.

Radio stations hardly give local music a chance to be heard. In fact, the two radio stations in Sacramento dedicate about an hour a week to showcasing local talent. One major supporter of local music is Mark Gilmore, who hosts 98 Rock's Local Licks in Sacramento. He has shown up to many shows of my friends and truly wants to help local acts get known and signed. However, he cannot do this alone and as radio listeners we have the power to make these bands get the recognition they deserve.

If you think about it, every band had to start somewhere. Major label acts Cake, Tesla, Deftones and Papa Roach all came from the Sacramento area. Chris Isaack came from Lodi, Train and Journey are from San Francisco. No matter how big a band becomes, they came from obscurity and got where they are by people helping them get their name out there.

Therefore, I'm calling on all fans of music, specifically rock, to take a listen to the bands below. Click on their banners and it will take you to their MySpace page. You can listen to a few of their tracks on the music player whether you have a MySpace account or not.

Go and check them out, and bring some friends. These people are all friends of mine and are very grateful when people come to see them play and tell others about it. The best thing you can do for these bands is to post their banner and a link to their page on your MySpace page or blog if you have one.

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