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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom/Words to live by

I'll start off with a small phrase which I created myself which can be appreciated by both sides of the fence.

A poor man with friends understands wealth in a way that a lonely rich man never will. --JK

And now some words on:

I've loved before and now again and I know that the only way to truly love is by holding nothing back. People will get hurt in love, that's something that has to be accepted to fully experience it. When you find the one person you know that you'd avoid hurting at any cost, you've found love. People may get hurt, but you know that with what you have between you, healing is always a part of that hurt. You do not love someone if you don't hurt when they're away. When you hold your feelings away to protect yourself, you're only cheating yourself. Make sure that those who mean something to you know what they mean. It does no good to have a silent admiration towards someone. People need to feel needed, loved, appreciated. Without feeling as such, they have not the ability to understand the importance of passing their feelings on to those they care about.

I've lived my life knowing that kindness is the only true investment that never fails to return. There is far too much suffering and cruelty in the world to add to. Deep down mankind is a considerate, compassionate species, but somewhere along the way several of us lost what we were instinctively given at birth. We are said to be god's children but if he loves us, we need to love ourselves and one another the same or his cause is lost along with our own.

There is no tolerance in me for hatred, bigotry, racism, or abuse of any kind from one person to another. For each person whom hates someone of different race or religion, there are many who struggle with the world they live in because of those who hate. I would like to think that there are more people who accept others regardless of any differences, but that would make me naive.
I am who I am today because I made a decision long ago to lead a life where people can see that there is kindness. You'll see it everywhere, but not nearly enough. After 9/11, it seems that because we were shown just how vulnerable we are, people started to band together as we should every single day. However, it wasn't long before the novelty wore off and now we are back to shouting at each other in traffic because we lost our patience and compassion for one another. How are we to coexist much longer like this? The fate of the world is not a solid concept, it is fluid and it is only how we decide to strengthen our attitudes toward a future that a future becomes a possibility.

In light of the current situation overseas, we are shown that severe hatred can destroy several thousands of innocent lives. The people who have lost their lives probably didn't even care about why we were at war. They probably were on their way to work or to buy food for their family, just trying to get by. The actions of few affect the lives of many, whether positive or negative.

The only true measure or guidance I can provide to conclude this is that it is up to every SINGLE individual to make a choice to change you views about people in general and life in every facet. When you walk by and see a person of a different race, don't look away. When a person does not pray to your god, do not cast him away. Embrace the differences between you, and understand that some of the greatest and most influential people in this world were not of one color, or one religion.

If you're still reading this, then you're definitely the audience I was seeking. The "bad boy" you think is so cute will hurt you later on. I am not saying that all "bad boys" will do this. It can be nothing more than a shell over a very decent interior. However, why would a good person hide under a disguise? Nice guys will be overlooked and shot down time and time again because girls want that fun, loose, wild guy who wears hip clothes with crazy hair....or so they think. The nice guy is whom you'll seek when your bad boy leaves you in the cold because you start growing up and want to raise a family and he just wants to party. All I can say is to be wary. When you let a man in early, possibly your "first", you are setting yourself up for a bad line of relationships. Do not look past the damage he causes just because he's all you know. Relationships are meant to be learned from to prepare you for the ultimate relationship, marriage.

I know of girls through friends who have remained with horrible men who will abuse them physically and/or mentally/verbally. They stay because leaving that person seems incomprehensible. If this one person is all you know, it seems that you can't be without them, but how far does it have to go? How many bruises will you cover before your dignity fails? Can you look your friends in the eye and say that you love the one who will punch you in the face and degrade you before others? To what extent do you feel the need to stay with someone before you finally reach the point where it's gone too far?

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