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Monday, February 26, 2007

It's a boy!!

My wife and I are expecting our first (maybe only) child in July and found out this morning that we'll be having a son. Most everyone who found out we were having a baby has guessed that it was a boy, including my wife. We have friends with their own personal theories as to why they guessed as they did, but none of them mean more than any old wives' tales.

The past few years have been quite a leap from where I was not long ago. I feel like my sister and I are running parallel these days. We both got married last year, only a few months apart, and now we'll be having babies a few months apart as well. She and I both laugh about the whole situation of thinking back a year or two ago and trying to predict how your life would be. Neither of us thought we'd be married and expecting child at this point. My wishes are coming true in full force though. I'm married and we are doing quite well and having a baby early into my thirties. That was something I always wanted to happen, but some bad personal choices were putting my plans in serious jeopardy. Luckily, I jumped my hurdles and came out a winner.

My wife's "baby clock" started ticking more loudly and quickly than ever once we got married so I knew a baby was coming soon. It's still a shock, no matter how prepared you think you may be. It was on Election Day when I got the news. I was going to vote and just as I pulled up I got the call after she took the test. She said that the second she did it, it came up pregnant; no guesswork needed. I knew it was coming, but it still took a little bit to sink in. I don't know if it's the same for every father-to-be out there, but for me everything sunk in when I saw the first ultrasound. When you see that tiny little person doing jumping jacks in your wife's tummy, it all comes together.

Now that we know what we're having, it's shopping time! Being that my wife has shopping in her DNA, she's ready to go! My father and his wife are generously purchasing our nursery furniture and bedding so now we get to pick out the bedding, and clothing. Now I don't care if you're the most macho man on the planet, a 300-lb linebacker with 20-inch arms and rabies, baby clothes will get you feeling all warm and fuzzy. These days, nearly everything that can be made for babies, is made. Tiny hiking boots, polo shirts, it's all there. The hard part is keeping yourself from buying one of everything. If you ask me, buying pricey clothing for babies is purely insane. I'm talking about Baby Gap and any other trendy spots like that. They won't know what they're wearing and unless you're a complete snob and blurt about it, no one else will know either. Once they're toddlers, that is the time to show off your fashions. Old Navy have some great styles for kids' clothes and you can get a lot more for your money. For all of you who think I'm cheap, you obviously don't know me. I'm just more rational about things and don't think that a baby needs clothes that are twice as expensive, because of the name on the tag, that will fit for about a month or two.

If you have some input on having babies, dressing them, or anything you'd like to mention, please leave a comment.

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