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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guns N Roses: does anyone care anymore?

I just read a news article stating that the continued delay of Guns N Roses' album "Chinese Democracy" is still going on as they announce another schedule change. Axl Rose, the only remaining member from the original GnR lineup, attempted to bring his new project to the spotlight on the MTV Video Music Awards back in 2002. More than 4 years later, no album and several cancelled tour dates. I have seen a download with the album name on it but it sounded like nothing more than some leaked demos, and they sounded horrible. If this is what has taken so long to release, Axl's future in music is in serious trouble.

Does anybody even care?
I find it hard to believe that anyone is sitting at their computer sifting through forums for GnR updates, with any kind of anticipation. Being that GnR's prime players helped form Velvet Revolver, fronted by Stone Temple Pilot singer Scott Weiland, the sound that made Guns N Roses what it was will not be intact. Velvet Revolver doesn't even sound exactly like GnR did, although the edgy and dangerous energy is definitely there. I think it's ridiculous that Axl is using the GnR name for his project.

Back when GnR released their ambitious "Use Your Illusion" albums I was very impressed and the opener on the second disc, "Civil War" is one of my very favorite rock songs. That should have been the end if their future was in question. If they would have disbanded and gone their separate ways, each member could have left with some dignity and respect. Of course, everyone but Axl still has that respect. Before forming Velvet Revolver and releasing a double platinum-selling Grammy-winning self-titled debut, Slash and Duff released solo albums both during and after their time in GnR. Gilby Clarke also released an album with a fierce rocker called "Cure Me Or Kill Me". Axl has done nothing more than try to convince the music industry that he's still around and relevant, if that's even still possible.

This is definitely a spontaneous posting. I saw the article and immediately came to this blog to write. I just couldn't believe that after all this time, Axl Rose could be so arrogant as to think that people still care and want to hear from him. If you have an opinion either for or against the new GnR album, I'd love to hear it!

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