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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Middle Finger

Buckle up, people!  This isn't a warm and fuzzy PSA brought to you by the Church of Do-Gooders, or some inspirational post about the future of America.  It's a loud, unforgiving and unapologetic protest of irresponsible, inconsiderate, ignorant, unlawful and inhumane behavior.  I'm not perfect, nor would I ever claim to be, but I am kind, respectful and considerate.  I work to earn a living for my family, I pay taxes and obey the laws of government (and common sense).

I have no tolerance or leniency for the kind of people whose behaviors exhibit a blatant lack of respect or consideration for others.  Against all odds, I remain hopeful for a future filled with people of higher character, the kind of people who will take a stand against something more meaningful than an unpopular opinion expressed by a TV personality or some first world problem like a phone that bends when sat upon.  I've had my share of success and failure and have always tried to consider how my actions, positive or negative, affect others.  As I turn my attention outward, my observations prove that the percentage of Americans who are socially aware or concerned in the same way is the minority.  Anyone who is offended by the following is likely to be among those called out, and therefore part of the problem.  It can either be taken at face value as nothing more than an unflattering observation, or as an opportunity to acknowledge and improve.

To the following group, I raise a middle finger; for their behavior and the negative impact it has on everyone else.

I'll start with a daily experience during my commute to work, dealing with people who expect a red carpet to be rolled out as they merge on to the freeway, typically driving much slower than the ongoing traffic.  Entering a freeway by forcing cars in motion to dramatically adjust their speed is an act of pure selfish stupidity.  I gladly respond to the hideous glares from the stupid drivers who attempt to cut in front of me at half my driving speed with my middle finger.  Moving on, I have a middle finger for anyone who leaves a child or a pet locked in a hot car because you couldn't be inconvenienced to handle the situation properly.  Another goes out to
the lazy, entitled, self-important jerks who leave their shopping cart, usually filled with their own trash, in the open space next to them that's no more than 20 feet from the cart return area.  I don't have to extend a middle finger for those who decide their expensive car deserves two parking spaces; karma takes care of that with help from those scumbags who vandalize cars just for the joy it brings to their pathetic life.  Speaking of entitlement, to the people who live off of handouts from those who work for a living, especially who would reject an offer of help in the form of a meal, I would stand on the opposite corner and raise both middle fingers in the air until I can no longer hold my arms up.  The same sentiment goes for music leeches who believe that the dawn of digital technology relieved them of the obligation to pay for it.  To the people who chose to take jobs with gratuity-based earnings and complain or publicly shame your customers who didn't satisfy your expectations for a tip, I have a platinum credit card from the bank of STFU which I'll use to pay for my meal.  I will tip according to how well I think you did your job; taking my order and bringing it to me is the bare minimum.  It's ridiculous to expect an extra pat on the back for fulfilling the basic requirements of your chosen job role.

This is my middle finger to every lawyer in America that defends the people whose behaviors plague society, rather than putting your efforts into being on the side of the law that enforces maximum punishment.  I have a super-sized, double serrated-edge middle finger for every politician who has been elected into office only to betray the people whose vote was wasted on them.  The level of corruption within our government that has crippled our nation is infuriatingly despicable to the level that demands an annual recall voting option be established.  To break this up with a gesture of unity, I share a collective middle finger with all who would argue against the use of tax dollars to feed convicted felons across America while any child goes hungry, and another for our miserably ineffective and inconsistent legal system.

Here's a middle finger to the parents who ignore their children and fail to accept the role created by their own actions, whether intentional or not.  This also covers parents who use children as a crutch to escape the practice of common courtesy in public.      

There aren't enough middle fingers for rapists and child molesters, but thankfully even the degenerates that comprise the population of our prison system have their own form of justice to serve.  I have a fistful of middle fingers for bullies that will return the abuse they dish out one hundred fold; a bully is nothing but a coward in disguise.  I raise a firm and vigilant middle finger to racists as well as anyone who treats another person with prejudice in any form.  In recent years, there has been an alarming and increasing number of people who've died at the hands of someone with poor judgment, leading to the fatal outcome and aftermath that ensued.  I extend that same finger to the so-called justice seekers in such cases whose real agenda is to perpetuate stereotypes with their inconsistent whistle blowing.

Finally, a middle finger would be an undeserved gesture of leniency and compassion in comparison to what I wish for all who take the life of any innocent person, referring to random acts of malicious violence.  I have more respect for toilet paper than anyone who is so cowardly as to place no value on the life of another but would likely cower in a puddle of their own waste if their own life was threatened.  While the "pull out" method is hardly an effective form of birth control, in the case of those mentioned above I wish their father had sacrificed a few seconds of pleasure to spare us all the misfortune of their existence.

To all who are unaffected or unmentioned in the above examples of wrath, I offer a handshake and many thanks for being, at the very minimum, a marginally decent member of our society.  Have a nice day!

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